Unit Test Kit

The Test class is a simple unit testing stack, where you can add multiple tests to and serve out their results. Check out the user guide section about unit testing to get a detailed walkthrough.

Namespace: \
File location: lib/test.php


$test = new Test($level);

The $level takes the following values: Test::FLAG_False, Test::FLAG_True or Test::FLAG_Both, which means that the testing stack only returns results for expections that resolved to TRUE, FALSE or BOTH (default).


Evaluate condition and save test result

null expect ( bool $cond [, string $text = NULL ] )


Append message to test results

null message ( string $text )


Return test results

array results ()

The returned result array will contain additional assoc array elements of this structure:

  • status: the boolean result of your test condition
  • text: your test description
  • source: the source of any occured error, if any (file and line)


Return FALSE if at least one test case fails

null passed ()