This is F3's own implementation of Markdown. Markdown is intended for writing human-readable text that can be converted to HTML afterwards. The goal of the Markdown formatting syntax is to make it as readable as possible. For more information, please refer to the project website and the Markdown Syntax Documentation.

Namespace: \
File location: lib/markdown.php


Return unique class instance

$md = \Markdown::instance();

The Markdown class uses the Prefab factory wrapper, so you can grab the same instance of that class at any point of your code.


Convert a given Markdown string to its equivalent HTML

$md->convert( string $txt ); // returns a HTML string

The convert method accept a string containing Markdown syntax:

echo Markdown::instance()->convert('**Bold text**'); // <strong>Bold text</strong>

The string can be an entire file containing Markdown syntax:

$file = F3::instance()->read('my_file_full_of_markdown.md');
$html = Markdown::instance()->convert($file);

Syntax highlighting

Code blocks can be highlighted using language hinting as follows:

your PHP code

Available languages are php, apache, html, ini.

NB: requires HIGHLIGHT to be enabled.